YlangYlang Essential Oil

Scientifically known as CanangaOdorata, Ylangylang essential oil is produced in Indonesia, Comoro Islands and is also known as 'flower of flowers'.


  1. It is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  2. It helps in pepping up older people as it eases high BP, nervous tensions and palpitation.
  3. It rejuvenates skin and hair.

How to use

Massage: Ylangylang essential can be used for massages. Mix 2-3 drops of the essential oil into hair oil or carrier oil and blend it well.

Baths: Add 4-5 drops of Ylangylang essential oil to your bath tub or 3-4 drops to bucket and swish the water gently to mix the oil well. If you have dry skin, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil along with the essential oil.

Diffuser: Use 4-5 drops of Ylangylang essential oil in a diffuser bowl filled with three quarters of water. Essential oils should never be burnt directly as the chemical structure can get changed with incinerator.


  • Hair perfume add shine to dull dry hair, 1-2 drops with caution apply on clean dry hair.
  • Ylangylang is a mood balancing & uplifting oil. For matured people, use in diffuser burners in their rooms, sprinkle on curtains, and add it to their bathing water.
  • Ylangylang is a wonderful anti-depression. Take a drop and apply it behind your earlobes to put yourself in a better mood.


It can cause headache and euphoria if used in excess. It should be avoided by low blood pressure patients.