Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil derives its name from "Pacholi", meaning "to scent". It is extracted from the plant of PogostemonCablin. It is found in India, Malaysia, Burma and Paragauy. It is used as a perfume for fabrics.


  1. It has anti-ageing properties.
  2. It helps in easing anxiety, depression and stress.
  3. It helps to treat acne and eczema.

How to use

Massage: Patchouli essential can be used for massages. Mix 2-3 drops of the essential oil into carrier oil and blend it well.

Baths: Add 4-5 drops of Patchouli essential oil to your bath tub or 3-4 drops to your bucket and swish the water gently to mix the oil well. If you have dry skin, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil along with the essential oil.

Diffuser: Use 4-5 drops of Patchouli essential oil in a diffuser bowl filled with three quarters of water. Essential oils should never be burnt directly as the chemical structure can get changed with incinerator.


  • Patchouli Essential Oil can be used as an insect repellent. Mix 4-6 drops with a vegetable oil and apply on your body.
  • Patchouli essential oil is good for Oily skin. It also has anti-ageing properties. For facial massage add 2 drops of it with carrier oil and massage gently. After massaging with this place hot towel over your face for oil to seep in better and relax further.
  • Patchouli essential oil is beneficial in treating acne scars. Use it in your CTOM routine after cleansing and toning, mix 1 drop of patchouli with water and apply on affected area.